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Over the years I have assembled the most important portfolio of premium Victorian antique-oriented domain names that exist. I have not yet developed them into sites to exploit these premium names to their fullest potential and find that I probably will never do so, so I am making them available for sale. Names like,,, and are available for sale along with many other major names. These are the best of the best. This is likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity since once these important names are sold, they will likely be owned by someone for decades as many of the Internet’s important domain names are.

Domain names are keys to the virtual real estate of the Internet. If you have THE name (with .com) for a particular topical area (for example or, you have the beginning of an amazing business opportunity. The search engines put great value on keyword-oriented domains as well as age of domain (these have a few years of age). This results in preferential treatment in search engine results. Imagine showing up at the top of Google searches for “John Henry Belter”. It is possible, were you to purchase that domain and build it out with appropriate content.

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Potential uses for these names:

  • If you are a seller of fine antiques, you can purchase domains that can drive more traffic to your main website. If you sell a lot of Belter furniture, buy, build it out with some content, and direct visitors to your online shop.
  • If you are a collector of a particular genre/maker (e.g., you could own the premium real estate on the web for that topic.
  • If you are a researcher, you can make your information available on that topic to the world at the most obvious domain address that there could possibly be.

The names that I own below represent the best that there is relating to Victorian-era furniture makers and eras. They are each available for sale, individually, or as a complete portfolio. Less popular names start at $1,000 with some names costing more depending upon their importance. If you are unfamiliar with the domain name market, my pricing is below the cost of premium domain names in other niches of the internet where the main keyword or term for a particular topical is being sold (you can get an idea on the market prices on the home page of one of the popular markets here).

For the cost of a medium-quality sidechair you could own the most important domains on the web for all eternity.

Please contact me for specific pricing at

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