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Merklen Table Project

Watch as I take a shabby-chic’ed Merklen table and have Rose Valley Restorations restore it to full glory.

  • Part I – The initial Shabby Chic condition
  • Part II – The stripping strategy
  • Part III – After stripping and sanding
  • Part IV – Final Refinished Table

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Gary Dippel September 5, 2012 at 7:31 pm

I just saw the video you folks did about the Lockwood mansion in Glen Lock PA.
What a wonderful trip down memory lane. I lived in Frazer and would pass by there on a regular basis until ’89 when i moved to FL. I was remembering a few things that you might be interested in checking out. Story has it that there were two sisters that had the home back in the 50’s and one of them was an organist. It is told that she had a small carillon ( electric ) that was housed in the tower. It was told that the carillon was there until sometime in the early 60’s


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