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Victorian Furniture Appraisal

assessments Victorian Furniture Appraisal

With other assessment/appraisal services you may get someone who appraises beanie babies and porcelain reviewing your Victorian antique furniture. Here you will get an antique furniture assessment from someone that researches Victorian-era antiques exclusively.

What the assessment will provide:

Age/Date of Manufacture:
Victorian Period/Sub-Style:
Style Cues:
Attribution to maker (if possible):
Geographic Origin (if possible):
Which Reference Books Have Pictures of Your Item (if possible):

Recent/Current Ebay Prices:
Auction Prices (back several years):
Approximate Ebay Sale Potential:
Approximate Auction Sale Potential:
Insurance Value:

For an assessment of your furniture, you will need to provide as many clear pictures as possible. Send these photos to info@rarevictorian.com after payment. Please allow 2-7 days for the report to be completed. If you would like an express service (within 24 hours), please inquire via email to info@rarevictorian.com for accommodation.

The service fee is $39.00

Currently not available.