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Victorian is a broad classification of decorative arts from the 19th century and is comprised of several different genres.  We have been providing information on the topic of Victorian antiques since 2007.  As of this date, we have nearly 600 articles which are read by over 16,000 visitors a month.

Victorian antique Victorian Antiques Source

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If you are familiar with this site then you can probably find your way around already.

If you are new to the site, the best overview of how to get the most from this site is here and some useful links to become familiar with this site are provided in the footer of this page under “Site Information”.

Some of my personal favorites that embody what this site is about include the Manly Man’s Guide which I wrote as a humorous look at men collecting what is often viewed as feminine category of decoration.  The before and after videos of a Victorian antique 1890s Merklen Brothers table that I had refinished are another personal fave.  The full series of the restoration process is here.

So that it not just me doing the talking, I also created the Victorian Forum so that everyone had a great place to interact with other Victorian antique fans.

Of those that regularly visit this site, we have high-end collectors, museum curators, auction house owners and directors, long-time dealers and everone in between.  Collectively, this site is about putting all the Victorian antique information all in one place over time so that misinformation can be corrected and everyone can have fun learning together.

The best way to become plugged in to the Rare Victorian community is to stop by regularly and the the easiest way to be notified of new things is to subscribe to our articles, either by RSS or by regularly receiving articles in your email Inbox.  Almost 300 other people are doing so and we never spam you.  Learn how to get the Victorian antique updates automatically here.