Rare Victorian - The Magazine Antiques Back-Issues

The Magazine Antiques Back-Issues

The Magazine Antiques provides some of the richest and well-researched material covering any collector’s favorite items, era, region, or maker.  I’ve assembled a list of Victorian-oriented issues below and in some cases I have extra copies available for sale.

We also have hundreds of other issues of The Magazine Antiques going back to the 1920s.  If you have a particular issue that you are looking for, inquire by email and specify the month/year of publication that you are looking for.

Issues marked as Stock are $22, which includes shipping.  Use the purchase button below and specify your issue date/year at time of purchase.

pixel The Magazine Antiques Back Issues
Topic Date Notes Stock
Specific Makers
Allen & Brother May 1996
John Henry Belter September 1948
P.E. Guerin May 2002 Ormolu Mounts for P&S
George Henkels October 1973
Herter Brothers May 2002 Lost Library Rediscovered
Christian Herter March 1995 Decoration of Vanderbilt home
Gustave Herter May 1995
John Jelliff August 1972
John Jelliff May 1999 “High Style Mass-Produced Furniture”
Kilian Brothers May 1999 “High Style Mass-Produced Furniture”
Meeks May 2002 1797-1835
A Lejambre March 1978
Anthony Quervelle July 1973 The Furniture Of Anthony Quervelle N
Anthony Quervelle January 1974 Case pieces Y
Anthony Quervelle March 1974 sofas, chairs, and beds Y
Isaac E. Scott June 1974
Pottier & Stymus May 1999 Modern Gothic
Pottier & Stymus May 2002 Neo-Grec w/ P.E. Guerin Mounts
Alexander Roux February 1968
M & H Schrenkeisen May 1999 “High Style Mass-Produced Furniture”
Moorish Fretwork May 2005
New Orleans Furniture May 1997 (Prudent Mallard, Charles Lee, William McCracken)
Gothic Revival May 1977 Alexander J. Davis
American Art Brass October 2005 Y
Rococo along the Mississippi August 2004 N
The Brune-Reutlinger House, San Fran August 2005 Y
Georges de Feure (Art Nouveau) March 2005 Y