Rare Victorian - The Magazine Antiques Back-Issues

The Magazine Antiques Back-Issues

The Magazine Antiques provides some of the richest and well-researched material covering any collector’s favorite items, era, region, or maker.  I’ve assembled a list of Victorian-oriented issues below and in some cases I have extra copies available for sale.

We also have hundreds of other issues of The Magazine Antiques going back to the 1920s.  If you have a particular issue that you are looking for, inquire by email and specify the month/year of publication that you are looking for.

Issues marked as Stock are $22, which includes shipping.  Use the purchase button below and specify your issue date/year at time of purchase.

pixel The Magazine Antiques Back Issues
Specific Makers
Allen & BrotherMay 1996
John Henry BelterSeptember 1948
P.E. GuerinMay 2002Ormolu Mounts for P&S
George HenkelsOctober 1973
Herter BrothersMay 2002Lost Library Rediscovered
Christian HerterMarch 1995Decoration of Vanderbilt home
Gustave HerterMay 1995
John JelliffAugust 1972
John JelliffMay 1999“High Style Mass-Produced Furniture”
Kilian BrothersMay 1999“High Style Mass-Produced Furniture”
MeeksMay 20021797-1835
A LejambreMarch 1978
Anthony QuervelleJuly 1973The Furniture Of Anthony QuervelleN
Anthony QuervelleJanuary 1974Case piecesY
Anthony QuervelleMarch 1974sofas, chairs, and bedsY
Isaac E. ScottJune 1974
Pottier & StymusMay 1999Modern Gothic
Pottier & StymusMay 2002Neo-Grec w/ P.E. Guerin Mounts
Alexander RouxFebruary 1968
M & H SchrenkeisenMay 1999“High Style Mass-Produced Furniture”
Moorish FretworkMay 2005
New Orleans FurnitureMay 1997(Prudent Mallard, Charles Lee, William McCracken)
Gothic RevivalMay 1977Alexander J. Davis
American Art BrassOctober 2005Y
Rococo along the MississippiAugust 2004N
The Brune-Reutlinger House, San FranAugust 2005Y
Georges de Feure (Art Nouveau)March 2005Y