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“Special Finds” On Rare Victorian

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Be Alerted To Exclusive Victorian Antique Furniture Finds

This exclusive newsletter alerts you to special Victorian antique finds that I’ve previously been keeping to myself – the ones that I might be bidding on!

In general, it really isn’t a wise move to tell thousands of people about a great find that I personally intend to bid on. I share a lot of things with Rare Victorian readers but I’m not crazy!

Now I Will Share Some of Those Finds With A Small Group of You

Rather than shout to the world about these “special finds” on the home page of RareVictorian.com, I will be sharing them with a smaller subset of my readers who subscribe to this newsletter. Reducing the audience through a newsletter will allow me to put that information out there without broadcasting it to the 13,000+ visitors to Rare Victorian each month.


What Can I Expect?

About 2-3 times a month I will send out a newsletter with the latest find. These will generally be Victorian antique items that may be mis-identified, mis-categorized, unidentified, or under-priced and the theory is that the few of you who use this service can get a better deal due to the omissions or mistakes made by the seller and the resulting lower visibility that these items are drawing.

An example is the pedestal above and to the right. It was misidentified and mis-priced by the seller.  Before Special Finds existed, I shared it with RareVictorian.com readers after I bought it.  Now that Special Finds exists, you can hear about finds like this in time to bid yourself!

Realize that I can’t guarantee how many “finds” there will be in a given month. It all depends when the next find pops up.

What Does It Cost?

Your first month is free during your trial period and then the cost is $20 every 3 months. You can cancel the recurring billing at any time. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Start your free trial now:

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