Rare Victorian - Site Disclaimer

Site Disclaimer

None of the content on this site should be deemed as authoritative. Any attributions made to particular furniture makers are being done based on the best information made available by sellers and repeated here on this site or by cursory research done by Rare Victorian authors. We are not experts and expect there to be errors made due to the lack of markings on furniture by 19th century furniture makers and scant availability of authoritative catalogs or documentation on the origin of individual pieces.

Although sometimes it seems that John serves as the the “Attribution Police”, pointing out famous maker mis-attributions by sellers, it is only out of a desire to stem the tide of flippant mis-attributions rampant in the antique market and to stop the continued propagation of this misinformation from generation to generation. Every spiral-carved furniture item is not Hunzinger and every Rococo chair is not Belter.  The Merklen Brothers and J & JW Meeks would have wanted it that way.

Any comments by Rare Victorian readers or Forum messages in the Victorian Forum should be deemed solely the views of those individuals and not those of RareVictorian.com and it’s owners.