Jacque Alexander Roux

Alexander Roux was born in France and emigrated to New York, listing the establishment of his company as 1836, though first appearing in New York directories in 1837. He advertised himself as a "French Cabinet Maker" by prominently displaying this title on his furniture labels and in advertisements. This was done to capitalize on the French furniture mania ocurring in New York at the time.

Roux's profession lasted through several stylistic periods including Gothic, Rococo, Renaissance Revival and Louis XV. Roux had imported furniture from France since the 1840s so not all items marked as Roux were actually made in New York. Roux's business became a family affair with his brother Frederick (who was a Parisian marquetry worker) joining (becoming A. and F. Roux) in 1847 but only for a year. By the 1850s Roux's business employed 120 workers and in the 1870s was propsering to the point that profits were $250,000-$500,000.

Roux was married three times and had six children. He retired in 1881 and the business was carried on by his son, Alexander J. Roux until 1898, which is also the year of Alexander Sr.'s death.

Roux's business occupied several locations over the years: