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Sell Us Your Antiques

Antique Network Sell Us Your Antiques

If you would like to sell one or more items via one of our classified ads, go to Antique Network where you can sell antiques of any period and style for free.

We also have a service for antique appraisals if that is what you are seeking.

If you would like to discretely inquire about selling your antiques to us, please read on:

Although we don’t limit our buying to this list, we favor items from:


Please do not send images of items worth less than $1,000.  I get oodles of pictures from people wanting to sell antiques that are common, mass-produced items.  If it has simple or crude lines or carvings, it is probably not worth more than a few hundred dollars and I will likely not be interested.  If you don’t know what you have to know whether it would meet this threshold, don’t worry, just send it anyway.  I will take a look.

If you’d like us to take a look at what you have, send us an email to info@RareVictorian.com. Be sure to attach several clear images of your item, any information that you have on the items, disclose any breaks or damage, and your desired price.  We will usually respond within 24 hours; many times within hours.

Images that are out of focus, very dimly lit or are small in size do not provide much detail from which we can make a determination.  Do your best to provide as good a set of images as you can.  However, we will take whatever you can provide and ask whatever questions are needed.  You can also call us at 484-885-6180 if you want to discuss it or have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what interesting items you have.