Rare Victorian - Rare Victorian Image Use Policy

Rare Victorian Image Use Policy

Rare Victorian exists to celebrate the beauty and craftsmanship of the furniture of the Victorian era.  A corollary purpose is to inform, educate and record for posterity, the works of furniture produced during this era along with their associated maker information.

Too many pieces of antique furniture in the market today bear improper, inaccurate, or blatantly false attributions and through research and the community around Rare Victorian, I seek to rectify or prevent such mistakes from propagating.

Without images, none of this is possible.  Decorative Arts is largely a visual medium and without images we will not learn from the past as we wish to do.

Any of the images on Rare Victorian are intended to be used according to Copyright Fair Use and will be properly attributed to the source when appropriate.  We strive to use them in a reporting, educating, and documentary fashion, only.  Ebay-oriented auction images are used to educate and inform the Rare Victorian reader base and provide them with advance notification of available antiques.  We hope that inclusion of images from these auctions benefit their seller through notably increased and targeted exposure.

Any owner of original images that Rare Victorian uses in it’s research or reporting may request removal, which will be immediately handled by Rare Victorian editors.