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Antique Appraisals – Victorian Furniture

We specialize in antique appraisals for 19th and early 20th century antiques  If you are interested in selling us your Victorian furniture directly, go to the sell antiques page instead.  If you are interested in receiving antique appraisals for your furniture, please read on.

Customer Testimonials

Thanks so much! That is one heck of an effort for $40. I will be adding you to my resource list.

– Jeff Baker, Personal Property Appraiser.

I would certainly use your service again

– Theresa Kean, assessment customer.

I had contacted John for an antique appraisal that was in “rough condition”; I was even able to talk to him concerning my item on the phone! His assessment was prompt and accurate for the information and pictures I supplied. About a week after receiving his information he contacted me again, he found actual pictures of the item in an 1860’s catalog. He made my day!! This not only aided in the restoration, but also pinpointed the date of manufacture.

Money well spent!!

– Mike Chardon, Ohio, assessment customer.

Our Difference is Our Specialization

With other antique appraisals done elsewhere you may get someone who appraises beanie babies and porcelain reviewing your Victorian antique furniture.  Here you will get an antique furniture appraisal from someone that researches Victorian-era antiques exclusively.

We have a library of Victorian-oriented antique reference books, original 19th century manufacturer catalogs and decades of reference magazines to refer to.  If your piece dates from the early 1800s through the early 1900s, we are your best source for antique appraisals.

We will tell you how your Victorian furniture is valued in the market today and not what a generalist antique pricing book published years ago shows as a “retail” price.  If you would like an insurance valuation, we provide that as well.

We can also tell you what your item’s specific sub-style is;  not just whether it is “Victorian” or “Eastlake”.  Learn whether it is Neo-Grec, Aesthetic Movement, or Egyptian Revival, Rococo, etc.

Antique Appraisals Details

Age/Date of Manufacture:
Victorian Period/Sub-Style:
Style Cues:
Attribution to maker (if possible):
Geographic Origin (if possible):
Which Reference Books Have Pictures of Your Item (if possible):

Recent/Current Ebay Prices:
Auction Prices (back several years):
Approximate Ebay Sale Potential:
Approximate Auction Sale Potential:
Insurance Value:


For us to  perform antique appraisals you will need to provide as many clear pictures as possible. Send these photos to info@rarevictorian.com after payment.  Please allow 7-10 days for the report to be completed.  If you would like an express service (within 24 hours), please inquire via email to info@rarevictorian.com for accommodation.

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