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Advertise on Rare Victorian

Rare Victorian is the premier site on the Internet for reaching Victorian Furniture aficionados and it receives 9,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 individual visits and 37,000 42,000 pageviews a month and growing. Unlike other sites where you could be advertising, this site’s traffic is laser-focused on high-end Victorian furniture and the visitors’ interests match that niche precisely.

Selecting an advertising on Rare Victorian depends on what you are trying to accomplish:

1. If you want a regular stream of new traffic to your site:

Choose the 125 x 125 ad format in the sidebar.  Your ad will be seen approximately 35,000 times per month and you will receive approximately 150-250 clicks to  your site a month from these ads, depending on how compelling your image and ad copy looks to visitors.  We can help you design this ad, if required.
Good for: adding a new ongoing stream of traffic to  your site.
Email us for current pricing at info@rarevictorian.com

advert1 Advertise on Rare Victorian

Example traffic pattern example from actual advertisement:125 ad Advertise on Rare Victorian

2. If you want a quick, heavy concentration of traffic to your site

We can write a blog post about your business, event, or antique for sale and you will be featured on the home page for approximately 7 days.  In that time period you will receive approximately 3,000 views from visitors and 250 visits in a week. The article is permanently archived and indexed in the major search engines, so your exposure is ongoing.

Good for: a quick burst of attention to a sale item or to announce an upcoming event; however your exposure is perpetual since the blog post stays in the archives.

Cost: $39.95.

Example traffic pattern example from actual advertisement:blog_post

3. If you want a modest, steady stream of new traffic, but at a more economical price:

We will add you to our page of links.  The businesses on this page currently are very high quality, so you will be with good company.  With current outbound traffic figures on that page, that represents a cost to you of about $0.20 a click to your site from Rare Victorian. Compare the cost and ad size to Google Adsense CPC advertising and you will find this to be a good investment of your advertising dollars. Click the button below to purchase and we will contact you after payment with details.

Good for: An ongoing stream of new traffic to your site at $12.33 a month.

Cost: $37 per 3 months with automatic rebilling until canceled.

4. Custom package.

Rare Victorian is comprised of many sites on which you can feature your items or business. Contact us for a customized and focused campaign. Sites available for promotion: RareVictorian.com, VictorianForum.com, JohnHenryBelter.com, GeorgeHunzinger.com, JJWMeeks.com, JohnJelliff.com, HerterBros.com, etc.

If you have any questions contact us at: info@RareVictorian.com.

Usually not needed, but the fine print is: We reserve the right to refuse any sites for inclusion and will refund your fees including Paypal charges. Your site should be topically relevant to Rare Victorian. We reserve the right to discontinue listings at any time and return prorated fees, if applicable. We cannot guarantee that items that you feature on Rare Victorian will sell.  Traffic numbers mentioned above are based on actual performance of ads in the past and cannot be guaranteed.  Your performance may vary.  Satisfaction guaranteed or we will refund your fees.