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Allen and Brother Chair Antique Searches Fixed

Allen and Brother Chair Antique Searches FixedI haven’t been using the Antique searches here on Rare Victorian (“Buy Antiques” link at the top of the page)  in a long while and what I didn’t know as a result is that most of them were broken.

eBay changed the way the integration with their database works and I needed to do some major overhauling.  After a few hours of work, they’re back in business.

While doing a little testing on the Renaissance Revival search, I found this great Allen & Brother chair, though a bit out of my preferred price range…

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  • sharon clark - November 9, 2012

    Hi and welcome back. Enjoy your site very much. Paul Tucker recommended it originally. After his article was in Antiques, I got in touch with him as I have a suite of six Merklen dining room chairs. I believe he used photos of them for his book.

    At age 80, I would like very much to sell the chairs. If you can recommend any “How to . . .” for me, I would certainly appreciate it.

    Sharon Clark

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