Rare Victorian - George Hunzinger Receipt

George Hunzinger Receipt

George Hunzinger Receipt George Hunzinger Receipt

George Hunzinger Receipt1 e1315428548717 George Hunzinger Receipt

I recently purchased this original George Hunzinger receipt from 1900, which is two years after George Sr’s death. Notice the “& Son” in the logo.

I assume that this is an example of Hunzinger wholesaling to another furniture company, Lederer Furniture of Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • james conrad - September 6, 2011

    Neat, although i dont know exactly what one would do with it, frame and hang to display it?
    Off thread but Christie’s is having a sale in a couple weeks of American furniture thats surprisingly representative, from Thomas Dennis (pilgrim) to John Goddard (colonial), John Townsend (colonial,federal) and Meeks! (victorian). Over 200 years of American furniture styles in one sale.


    • John Werry - September 16, 2011

      Notice how the Victorian is relegated to the rear of the catalog.

  • james conrad - September 16, 2011

    Testing, Testing…..posted a comment last week but nuttin happened

    • james conrad - September 16, 2011

      OK, working again!
      Neat on the label but i wonder, how does one display that, in a frame and hang on the wall or you dont display at all?

      • John Werry - September 16, 2011

        I just saw that your last comment went to spam due to the link – which is OK to include one – it just thinks that it is suspicious. I freed it from jail, however.

        I probably will just pile it up with my catalogs and not display it. I have plenty of money wasters sitting in piles, but I like them.

        • james conrad - September 16, 2011

          Well, considering it is hand written, it could be framed and hung, would be kinda neat. Remembers back in DC, I had this 1900s stucco 4 square, with a wrap around front porch that i was remodeling, living in & found the 1 page blueprint in the basement. It was drawn and signed by a rather famous builder in DC who went on from houses (at least mine) to build some DC land mark buildings. I framed and hung it, actually wanted to keep it when i sold the house years later but the new owners plus the real estate folks INSISTED it belonged with the house so i left it.

          LOL @ Notice how the Victorian is relegated to the rear of the catalog.

          Now John, first off it’s there which is rather unusual, i dont think i have ever seen that many periods of furniture in the same sale. And second, they went with the earliest first, and followed with the later periods which is usual. My take is, the fact that Victorian is even there is kind of a victory and elevates Meeks, P&S with some very heavy hitters in the early american furniture world.

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