Rare Victorian - Neo-Grec Parlor Suite For Sale

Neo-Grec Parlor Suite For Sale

Neo Grec Parlor Suite Set 1 Neo Grec Parlor Suite For Sale

I get a lot of offers to buy Victorian furniture and recently I’ve been passing on them personally and handing the opportunity on to you.  Here is a Neo-Grec three-piece parlor suite that I have not run across before.  It is very well carved and is not your run-of-the-mill Renaissance set.  The crest and seat backs are especially detailed, though below the skirt it is less so.

I think that many would quickly put a John Jelliff attribution on this set, but I am not going to claim anything other than “possibly” by Jelliff.

If you are interested in the set and need more information, just use the contact form to the left.

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  • Raymond Scarola - July 6, 2017

    Hi, What are the dimensions of the sofa?

    Thank you,


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