Rare Victorian - The Rare Victorian Store Launches

The Rare Victorian Store Launches

Renaissance Revival Marble Table Neo Grec e1290782214482 The Rare Victorian Store Launches

It’s high time I selectively whittle my Victorian antique collection down as I have bought and bought and ran out of space to put it all in. Therefore, the Rare Victorian Antiques Store has been born! I will be adding more items to the inventory in the coming days, but we are open for business!  There is a great yellow/orange marble-top Neo-Grec parlor table in the inventory and I will be adding another heavy-duty table covered with lion heads within the next few days.

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  • james conrad - November 26, 2010

    Great idea, clean out the clutter as well as getting cash for new pieces. Really fine example of parlor table form, starting off the sale with a BANG!

  • John Werry - November 27, 2010

    Thanks. Only now do I realize that I had too much stuff filling the house. I’m a collector – not a decorator!

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