Rare Victorian - “Victorian” Genre A.D.D.

“Victorian” Genre A.D.D.

Aesthetic Ebonized Chair Victorian Genre A.D.D.

If you are a R.J. Horner Renaissance Revival fan, you should hop over to RJHorner.com and read the two latest Horner attribution-debunking posts:

Another Horner is actually Robert Mitchell

There Is No Horner Egg

Moving onto another genre, the Aesthetes in the audience may be interested in this ebonized chair which is currently being bid up to $510.  I think original upholstery may be on this one:

Aesthetic Ebonized Chair Victorian Genre A.D.D.

Moving on to Renaissance Revival, we often see big bulky furniture being attributed to Thomas Brooks on slim evidence. In this case, I think we are a hair better than slim. There are documented examples of bedroom furniture by Brooks with carved heads emerging from the crests, usually cherubs (see “American Furniture of the 19th Century 1840-1880″ page 204, Richard and Eileen Dubrow).  One could point to several other design elements and compare them to documented Brooks pieces, but I will leave that to the well-initiated.  The high-end marble also points to one of the better makers having made this piece.  I have inquired with the seller if this “Thomas Brooks” piece has a stencil bearing the name…

Also, I think that the seller’s description missed the presence of maple in the construction as it is not all Walnut.  Certainly, a nice dresser if the big battle wagons of the era are what you collect.

Thomas Brooks Dresser Victorian Genre A.D.D.

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