Rare Victorian - Kimbel & Cabus Cabinet #244

Kimbel & Cabus Cabinet #244

Kimbel Cabus Cabinet Kimbel & Cabus Cabinet #244

If you are a Kimbel & Cabus collector, you may be interested to know of a cabinet that is available in Narberth, PA.  I was given a tip by a Rare Victorian visitor that “Antiques at 236” has some interesting items in stock, one of which was made by Kimbel & Cabus.  I always take attributions to this maker hesitantly because so much Modern Gothic furniture is associated with them without much thought – just as anything with marquetry and flowers is by Herter Brothers.

However, in this case we have a match in the 1870 Kimbel & Cabus catalog with model #244.  Every detail is the same except for the lost tiles which can easily be replaced as are seen in the photo.  If you are knowledgeable in antique tiles, you may even be able to identify those in the catalog image and source some identical replacements.

Contact information for Antiques at 236:

236 Haverford Avenue
Narberth, PA 19072-2342
(610) 668-1871

And please – those of you in the Philadelphia region – keep sending my your tips and I’ll share what what we find.

Kimbel Cabus Brass Kimbel & Cabus Cabinet #244Kimbel Cabus Brass 2 Kimbel & Cabus Cabinet #244

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