Victor Quetin Would Be Proud – 150 Years Later

by John Werry on December 26, 2009

Speaking of Victorian Furniture restoration, you might remember an ebonized French pedestal that was found in pieces and I was able to locate an original catalog image to identify it’s maker and original configuration.

Well, this project has reached it’s conclusion and the results are amazing.  Mike, the pedestal’s owner, was able to do the restoration himself, even finding seated sphinxes to replace those that were missing.  Here’s his restoration story:

Well, after about 50 hours of work, it is complete, (see attached pics).  I kept an eye on e-bay and found three sphinxes just the perfect size.  I cast three missing small brass pieces from epoxy: one scroll, and two small pieces on the bottom of the leg. I managed to paint them so they are a perfect match with the originals. I duplicated about 7 inches of one bottom leg that was missing, and filled heavy damage on the upper spool.  I used as many original nails and screws as possible. The wood is painted with three coats of black shellac, and I did not clean any of the brass to maintain the patina. It’s about 97% original. The picture you provided from the catalog was a great help!!  At some point, there must have been two pedestals since I have some parts left over.

The pedestal is available for sale for anyone who is interested.  Just inquire through info @ and I will pass you on through to Mike.

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