Signed Gothic Revival Desk by Elijah Galusha

by John Werry on November 29, 2009

We’ve seen plenty of Rococo Revival furniture from Elijah Galusha and now I have photos of photos (so please excuse quality) from 1979 and the accompanying excerpt from a letter that Renssalaer County Historical Society received along with them.  The third photo shows a stencil, “E.G. Troy 1843″.

I recently purchased a signed and dated 1843 desk by Galusha. It has a center drawer on each side and a green felt top. Interestingly, the same form was used at the time by A. Kimball for the longfellow House desk and Needles, of Baltimore, again with the material covered top. Oral history states that James Fennimore Cooper, in 1837, purchased in Troy, some Gothic styled furniture but very much in the Sheraton feeling for his Gothicized house in Cooperstown. One piece is illustrated in the catalogue of the Houston Museum Gothic show in 1976 which I feel might be by Galusha [this piece is seen in the B&W photo below].


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