Rare Victorian - Elijah Galusha Sofa Detail

Elijah Galusha Sofa Detail

Elijah Galusha Sofa 5 Elijah Galusha Sofa Detail

Elijah Galusha Sofa 1 Elijah Galusha Sofa Detail

I took some photographs of what is probably the most well-known Elijah Galusha sofas in existence.  The sofa resides (with it’s twin) at the the Rensselaer County Historical Society, Troy, NY.  I tried to capture closeups of the details so that we can have a reference of Galsha’s carving conventions.

The last image is what may likely be the original receipt from 1861 and I will confirm that with the curator, Stacy Draper, next week.

Elijah Galusha Sofa 2 Elijah Galusha Sofa Detail

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  • Gordon Sisson - November 23, 2009

    Finally…a Galusha sofa to see and study! The style is distinctive with the deeply carved rose, the floral petal and pistil, the turned acanthus leaf, the flowing ribbon, and also the c-scroll. The vine running down the leg to a flower on the knee extending down to the end of the leg and across to the middle floral carving is delicately executed as welll.
    The bill of sale is a real treat to see too. Thanks for the treat!

  • John Werry - November 23, 2009

    Gordon, I feel the same, strange relief to finally have some “reference” images of Galusha. Something to compare to. I have many more photos of other pieces by Galusha coming shortly.

    I even have photos of confirmed Baudouine chairs that are not the same as those that have been seen in all the reference books.

  • 1881victorian - November 23, 2009

    The flowers seem to compare “favorably” to my walnut set (yes?). This is most helpful! Thank you.

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