Jordan & Moriarty 1883 Parlor Suit

by John Werry on October 26, 2009


I was digging through the original furniture manufacturer catalogs that I have and ran across this Jordan & Moriarty parlor set that has a caption of “Library Medallion, Marie Antoinette, Grand Duchess, &c.”  Notice the earlier representation of “etc.” where the “e” & “t” became merged into “&”.

I mentioned this manufacturer in the context of M.H. Schrenkeisen and J. W. Hamburger in this back post as they all had parlor suits that were identically named and were similar in appearance, though not necessarily the same designs had the same model names across those makers.

The above set is in Jordan & Moriarty’s 1883 catalog and according to the May 1999 issue of Magazine Antiques they sold the Grand Duchess as late as 1888.

There are a lot of design elements on this set that would lead some to attribute it to John Jelliff if they were to see one in the flesh and it just adds more fuel to the fire for being cautious when associating John Jelliff’s name with certain decorative elements.

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