Rare Victorian - John Henry Belter Cornucopia Sidechair

John Henry Belter Cornucopia Sidechair

Belter Cornucopia Pattern John Henry Belter Cornucopia Sidechair

Belter Cornucopia Pattern John Henry Belter Cornucopia SidechairThis Belter Cornucopia chair is seeing action from 8 bidders on Ebay at the moment with 2 days left to go. Currently bid to less than $1,000, these chairs can command $4,000-$6,000 at auction.

This variation appears to be ca. 1855 and does not have the rounded seat that other variations have.  I have also seen variations in the skirt and legs, with carvings protruding half way down the leg.

Reserve is not met, but I expect we’ll start seeing the price creep closer to the past auction sale amounts.  More photos and information at the listing.

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  • woodwright - October 16, 2009

    The chair sold for $4,900.00.
    A couple of bidders asked what the reserve was but the seller refused to disclose it. I cannot understand the game of having a hidden reserve and not disclosing it when asked. I understand the idea of a low starting bid w/ a reserve – to encourage bidding and get bidders emotionally attached to your item, but I just can’t grasp why a seller would not disclose their reserve when asked. That game bothers me. I generally won’t even bother bidding on something if the reserve is not disclosed (at least when asked) – probably mostly because of principal and the game that is being played by the seller. What’s the point of a secret/ unknown price? To me it’s like walking into a store to buy something – no prices are shown, you take your item to the counter – and put your money down and wait to find out if you have enough, if it is within your budget, or even if it is grossly overpriced. I don’t get it at all. woodwright

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