Rare Victorian - 5-Piece Neo-Grec John Jelliff Parlor Set For Sale

5-Piece Neo-Grec John Jelliff Parlor Set For Sale



If you are in the market for a quality Renaissance Revival parlor suite, then you may consider this 5-piece Neo-Grec suite which is available for sale. It is comprised of 2 matching but opposed recamiers and 3 matching armchairs.  The seller is attributing it’s manufacture to the shop of John Jelliff of Newark, NJ. Each of the recamiers feature a single classical male figure terminating the arm and each of the armchairs has two.

From the seller:

As a bit of background. This set was originally a special order by a family in England where it remained for over 100 years. It was then purchased by a wealthy female patron of the MacPhail School of Music in Minneapolis, MN. When she died in 1978, she donated her entire estate to the school of music. It was purchased by my mother at a silent auction in 1980. It has been in our family for the past 29 years.

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  • Mike g - September 2, 2013

    I love this website. I see so much I love. But I must scream out my pet peeve. I HATE when people incorrectly upholster furniture from this period. Double barrel has no business being on this type of chair. They have beautiful period gimp you can buy that thin fabric (not like the cheap thick gimp you can buy that belongs on Christmas ornaments or dolls). I also find it frustrated when people think victorian is pink roses and gaudy flowers and stripes. Sorry to offend.. I’m just saddened by the misunderstanding to this period.

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