Rare Victorian - Another “If Only …” Moment

Another “If Only …” Moment

Allen Brother Sofa Adamstown1 Another If Only ... Moment

Adamstown sofa Allen Brother2 Another If Only ... Moment

Sometimes Rare Victorian regular Zeke sends me things that get my blood pressure pumping in a bad way and this is another example of one of those “If Only” moments. If only I’d been there. If only Zeke had bought it. If only one would show up at that price today because the seller didn’t know who made it ….

Zeke said that he and his wife ran across this sofa in an Adamstown antiques store for $2,500 10 years ago and they are kicking themselves today for not buying it.  What gets me going about this sofa is that I know it had to have been made by Allen & Brother.  I’ve been lusting after their furniture for years now and can’t justify expanding my budget to accommodate the price that they command which usually begins in the 5 digits, so I watch them come and go.  The reason Rare Victorian was born was so that I could find these hidden deals that are lurking out there.  What is the sofa worth today?  Probably close to $20k at auction and double that at retail.

Zeke, keep sending them my way as I love to see your finds, even if they occasionally induce me into a conniption.

More photos of the sofa below and here’s another Allen & Brother that recently came  and passed me by…

Allen Brother Sofa Adamstown2 Another If Only ... MomentAllen-Brother-Sofa-Red

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  • jay - August 7, 2009

    I purchased that exact couch at acution about 8 years ago in PA as well, with blue satin type upholstery,but exact same couch.
    I paid $1875 for the piece, and had no idea eho made it,but it was in gereat condition and the design was great so I purchased it.
    I spent about $800 on finishing touches etc…
    so a total of $2675..
    I am glad to hear that its Allen Bros., and worth possibly much much more.
    We use the couch almost every day and its in excellent shape,

    jay weinstock

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