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victorian parlor chair 225x300 Rare Victorian Forum   An International CommunityThis week, a new poster took the forum by storm with some great information about a variety of subjects. Canadian Maple (CM) seems to have an endless supply of catalog and photographic reference material, which he’s happily sharing with us here at Rare Victorian.

Here’s CM’s take on anakin48’s spool tables in which he provides an 1858 catalog image that is a dead ringer for the overall design of the poster’s table.  CM goes on to explain the history of the spool design, it’s use in the home, construction, and general time period for this style of furniture.

MissouriVictorian’s sideboard is identified as being of possible English origin and CM goes on to describe several elements of furniture design that can tell one if a piece was made in England vs. America.

Canadian Maple is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and as further proof that Rare Victorian is truly an International community of Victorian fans, GraemeH from Sydney, Australia posted pictures of a jardiniere stand that was their first antique purchased with their first paycheck nearly 40 years ago.  Each of the legs on this stand ends in a beautifully carved griffin!  Canadian Maple has compared the stand’s design to a similar design exhibited at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 and has provided images from the exhibition catalog as comparison.

Lastly, mfranks1967 is looking for some information on this parlor chair.  It is doubtful that we’ll ever know who made the chair, but it appears to be early 20th century Louis XV bergère.  Carved cherubs on either side of the back make this chair stand out from other similar chairs of the period.

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  • Sue Armstrong Thompson - June 17, 2009

    Hi….Truly, I appreciate and read RARE VICTORIAN. Seeking, I am, any information concerning the cabinetmaker, John Rose, from approximately 1830-1850’s. He worked in Phildelphia, Pa. and east Tennessee in Knoxville. Should you or any of your followers have data on John Rose, I would, indeed, welcome and appreciate knowing it. The Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, Tn. has a marvelous secretary, ca. 1833 made by John Rose. Thank you. Kindly, Sue Armstrong Thompson Director of Antiquities The Lotz House/a Civil War and Decorative Arts Museum Franklin, Tennessee

  • RareVictorian - June 17, 2009


    Check for an article on John Erhart Rose in Magazine Antiques, May 2008. Text version is here, but you can generally find back issues on Ebay or they will send you a photocopy of articles for $5 (The Magazine publisher).

  • Sue Armstrong Thompson - June 17, 2009

    Thank you, indeed, thank you for emailing me the information and article on John Erhart Rose. I am both thrilled and oh, so grateful. Come to visit us at The Lotz House….we opened last October in Franklin, Tennessee….just across the street from The Carter House. The story of the tragic Battle of Franklin is told during the tours of the guests and they are able to view a fifty year collection of high profile decorative arts of the early years of the 19th. century. Many examples of John Henry Belter grace each viewing room as well as many other early noted cabinetmakers. Until you can physically come to the Lotz House…..go to http://www.lotzhouse.com. Thank you kindly for your help concerning Mr. Rose. Sue Armstrong Thompson

  • sharon - January 14, 2011

    trying to trace any furniture of Ralph Joseph Horner. 1848-1926. Lived in Winnipeg

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