Rare Victorian - Herter Brothers Bookcase At Mark Vail Auction

Herter Brothers Bookcase At Mark Vail Auction

herter bookcase Herter Brothers Bookcase At Mark Vail Auction

herter bookcase Herter Brothers Bookcase At Mark Vail Auction

Mark Vail’s June 6 auction has a lot for sale that I will call “entry-level” Herter Brothers.  From what I see this is a 100% authentic Herter Brothers bookcase.  It’s not one of Herters’ high-style pieces as the design is more straightforward and utilitarian.  The three drawers are branded “Herter Bro’s” and I have compared the escutcheons with a favorable result to the reference images in the Herter book as you can see below.

There are condition issues and, again, were it not for the Herter branding you might never know it was by the famous brothers’ shop.  However, if you’re a Herter Brothers fan, here would be a chance to start off your collection at what I feel will be a relatively inexpensive price.  You may then choose to spruce it up with some restoration.

The Mark Vail site is here, but there isn’t much additional information on the bookcase there.  In fact, there is probably less, so you can write them if you have additional questions or wish to bid.

herter escutcheon Herter Brothers Bookcase At Mark Vail Auction









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  • james - June 3, 2009

    Yeah, interesting piece, eastlake in appearance. It has 3 things going for it in my view, it’s signed , has it’s original hardware & a desirable form.

  • Marc Andrew - June 5, 2009

    I apologise if this comment appears twice, my computer and I are in a fight. I disagree that this is the original hardware. The pulls do not correspond with the escutcheons and are also installed upside-down. I do agree that this piece has a lot going for it.

    -Marc Andrew-

    • RareVictorian - June 5, 2009

      Marc, good point. I looked at the pulls cross-eyed myself and didn’t mention those. I think the escutcheons are, however,original.

  • james conrad - June 6, 2009

    LOL @ my puter and i are in a fight. Yep, it happens.

    Even if pulls are not original, its still a piece well worth a restoration effort. Was not impressed with the auction site, it says it accepts absentee bids but theres no link to click nor form to fill out that i could find.

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