Rare Victorian - Need Tips On Visiting Cape May, NJ

Need Tips On Visiting Cape May, NJ

cape may victorian Need Tips On Visiting Cape May, NJ

cape may victorian Need Tips On Visiting Cape May, NJ
photo by wasabi_bob

There is a reasonable chance that I will be visiting Cape May soon and am reaching out to the Rare Vic community to see if anyone has tips on which [Victorian] houses to visit and places to antique/see antiques. Comment below if you do!

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  • 1836 - May 28, 2009

    The Emlen Physick Mansion, an 1879 Stick Style number attributed to Frank Furness and now a house museum:


  • John Hutchinson - May 28, 2009

    John, my wife and I used to go to Cape May every year in the off season, October, great times, good food and yes many beautiful houses. I can’t tell you which are the best, but I can tell you a very funny story about Victorian paint and the Cape May ‘look.’ Appearances are deceiving!
    I have a very old and very nice client who grew up in Cape May in one of those big houses. Listen to what she described to me as the ‘degradation’ of her town during its ‘Renaissance’ in the last fifteen years.
    “Do you know how many paint colors there where when I was a kid?” She states…”we would go the local hardware store and you could pick
    -Green, dark green, and green/black
    -Black, black and white to make Gray
    -Dark Blue , blue/black.”
    “There was definitely no pink or purple!”
    That’s my story and I am stickin with it!
    John, RVR

  • RareVictorian - May 28, 2009

    She must have grown up in the colonial revival timeframe for those to be the colors…

  • John Hutchinson - May 28, 2009

    I told she was old…

  • John Hutchinson - May 28, 2009

    I forgot the ‘you’ in my previous comment. Hope to catch with you before you go. If not have a great trip!

  • Jennifer McKelvey - May 28, 2009

    Southern Mansion
    Mainstay Inn (I hear it’s for sale!)
    Emlen Physick Estate

    Contact MAC (Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts), they can give you plenty of info http://www.capemaymac.org

  • Mark Alden Lukas - June 2, 2009

    You can feel free to visit my house – Capt. Samuel Ewing Mansion – an untouched grand lady in West Cape May – currently undergoing a long-term restoration – it is midway in the process…originally built beachfront in 1890 in Cape May Point and moved in 1904 to West Cape May facing Wilbraham Park…elements of gothic revival remain but dominated by the Colonial Revival “redecoration” in 1904…we love to share the house…just let us know when you are coming down…and don’t miss lunch or dinner at George’s – our favorite spot currently…kindest regards, Mark Alden Lukas 119 Myrtle Ave WCM

    • RareVictorian - June 2, 2009

      Thanks, Mark. I’ll have to do that next time as I just was there this past weekend. Stayed at the Queen Victoria and enjoyed it. I’ll keep you in mind for next time.

      I wish the folks in the “most photographed house in CM” were as welcoming. I rang the doorbell and asked to look around their B&B (read: public inn) and was summarily turned away.

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