John Henry Belter Patents – Improved Bedstead & “Dished” Lamination

by John Werry on May 4, 2009

john henry belter patent John Henry Belter Patents   Improved Bedstead & Dished Lamination

Below are two of four patents that John Henry Belter secured (two more to follow):

Pat. 15,552 (Aug. 19, 1856) – John Henry Belter’s improved bedstead patent that seeks to address issues with bed construction prior, such as assembly, eliminating recesses where bugs could reside, and reclaiming lost space from the requirement of thick bed posts and other parts.

Pat. 19,405 (Feb. 23, 1858) – This is John Henry Belter’s patent that describes his improvements in laminating furniture to form a dished shape vs. curvature in a singular plane which had been the norm prior to his patent.

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