Rare Victorian - J & JW Meeks “Stanton Hall” Chair

J & JW Meeks “Stanton Hall” Chair

meeks stanton hall ebay J & JW Meeks Stanton Hall Chair

meeks stanton hall ebay J & JW Meeks Stanton Hall ChairCurrently at $202.50 and originally described as a chair made by Belter, this Meeks Stanton Hall chair is seeing some early bidding due to the low starting price and no reserve.

These chairs will hit $800 to $1500 at auction and probaly 2x that in a retail scenario.  Shipping is $175 flat-rate to the States and it is located in Saint-Hubert, Quebec.

If interested, do check the images of the back of the chair closely.  Something seems to be going on there, but I can’t tell for sure with the small size of the photos and lack of detail.  I’d ask the seller for more detailed photos.

More details at the listing.

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  • woodwright - May 8, 2009

    Listing states that shipping is $175.00 + the cost of a wooden crate. Doesn’t say what they will charge for a custom built crate – but if I were serious about it I’d inquire before I bid. I’ve built custom crates before and there can be multiple hours labor (at an unspecified hourly cost) plus materials.

  • james conrad - May 9, 2009

    This Meeks Attrib. parlor suite is going on the block later today at Brunks. I dont know why but Brunk often has this style of victorian for sale at their auctions.


  • james - May 11, 2009

    yeah, i was online for another item when it sold. 4200 plus BP seems like a reasonable number i thought. there must be many victorian rococo collectors in the carolinas because Brunk always seems to have it for sale, sometimes it goes very cheap too.

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