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Rare Victorian Toolbar Available

forum toolbar Rare Victorian Toolbar Available

full toolbar Rare Victorian Toolbar Available

I’ve developed a toolbar for those of us that use Rare Victorian and the forum on a daily basis. I know some of you are thinking, “John why the heck would I want a Rare Victorian toolbar?”. Well, the answer is that it puts some of the most common links in one place for those of us who visit the Rare Victorian community on a regular basis.

  • The leftmost “Rare Victorian” will take you to the homepage in one click.
  • The search field will allow you to search Google for any keywords of your choice, Victorian or not. If you dropdown the magnifying glass, you can limit your search to Rare Victorian and forum content exclusively for pertinent Victorian furniture information.
  • The “Victorian Forum” link in the middle will take you to the forum in one click.
  • The “Latest Blog Posts” may be the most convenient of all.  If you drop down the menu you can see all the past blog posts or forum messages (regardless of who posted them) so that you don’t even need to navigate to either of the sites to see what is new (see example of it’s use below).  I’ve also added the feed to the latest comments, so you will always know who recently commented on the Rare Victorian main site and what the comments were.
  • The Victorian Antique Shopping link goes to the “Shopping” page on Rare Victorian
  • There are some bonus elements such as email notification and weather that you can configure for your email accounts and local geography
  • Any of the above can be individually enabled or made invisible at your discretion.

Click download to install it within your browser. If you have any safety or privacy questions, they are likely answered here.

rv toolbar Rare Victorian Toolbar Available


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