Rare Victorian - Final Herter Brothers Pieces From Warner Bros. Studios Collection To Sell

Final Herter Brothers Pieces From Warner Bros. Studios Collection To Sell

herter brothers bonham warner brothers 1 Final Herter Brothers Pieces From Warner Bros. Studios Collection To Sell

herter brothers bonham warner brothers 1 300x210 Final Herter Brothers Pieces From Warner Bros. Studios Collection To Sell

Next Tuesday, May 5th, Bonhams will be selling the final pieces of Herter Brothers furniture from the Warner Brothers Studios collection.

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Staci Smith from Bonhams has provided me with the following summary which is followed by photographs of the pieces in the sale as well as the complete press release with detailed information.

Herter Brothers highlights in the upcoming sale include an American Renaissance carved, inlaid and polychromed maple mirrored cabinet (est. $30,000-50,000), three walnut and ivory-inlaid ebonized side chairs (est. $15,000-20,000), and a pair of American Renaissance carved walnut armchairs carved with large herons, male masques and festoons (est. $15,000-20,000).

Additionally, we will be offering pieces commissioned by Herter Brothers from other designers, supporting the long-held theory that Herter Brothers not only supplied furniture to Thurlow Lodge, but also served as interior designers.

The sale will take place at 580 Madison Avenue on May 5th at 10AM and 1PM EST

A full-screen, high-resolution slideshow of the furniture is available here.  Press release is below.

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  • woodwright - April 29, 2009

    Their website ( http://www.bonhams.com/us ) shows good pictures & w/ the flash version you can really zoom in on the details (furniture starts @ lot # 3319). This batch looks like it is in better shape w/ less damage & abuse – than the last batch of Herter furniture they sold. Although not as impressive of a collection of pieces. I really like the walnut armchairs from the billiard room of Thurlow Lodge. woodwright

  • RareVictorian - April 29, 2009

    Another way to get super zoom detail is to go to my Flickr set for these items:


    When you go to a particular image, select all sizes and then “Original size” and you’ll get the entire image.

    I also enhanced the quality and lightness of the images that Bonhams has in some Adobe tools, so I am biased, but think mine look better 😉

  • Thomas - April 30, 2009

    Those are beautiful pieces of artwork, you really have to look at them closely to appreciate the detail.

  • zeke - May 3, 2009

    I visited Bonhams today, just briefly, but did get to examine the furniture. All of it is in decent shape, overall much better than the first batch. I get the idea this batch was not used nearly as much by Warner and all it it “shows” very well. Most of the damage is at the crests of the taller pieces and even at that all is fixable. The bun feet of the armoire probably have to be replaced but they are simple turnings. On one of the 3 side chairs the legs have been shortened, also fixable. The Belter and Meeks stuff was all pretty good too, one Meeks sofa had a nice chunk of carving missing. I was really impressed with the “Kimbel and Cabus” table with the carved owl heads, if i could afford it I’d be all over it like stink on a monkey.

    If anyone reading this and plans to bid, would like an opinion on any particular piece, email me and I’ll tell you what i saw. Boy this is exciting stuff!

  • Bart - May 4, 2009

    I want to know what happened to the bed that went with this suite!

  • R. Joseph Wiessinger - May 4, 2009

    One of the best views in a movie of the Herter Thurlow Lodge Bedstead was in “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” JJ and Molly have just built their mansion in Denver and the bedroom scenes show the Thurlow Lodge bed to very good advantage. I believe there are even some side tables in the shot too>

  • max - May 17, 2009

    The three side chairs, although not cataloged with the master bedroom suite in 1942, are undoubtedly from that room. In fact they were described as European, but have numerous Herter characteristics [ribbon, inlaid masks,star burst crest].
    They were ebonized and have very similar etched ivory in burled maple inlay to the bedroom set. The cane seat [original but replaced] is a first that I have seen by Herter.
    They now are again with the bedroom suite.

  • RareVictorian - May 17, 2009

    Max, maybe one day you’ll let me stop by and see your collection. It must be a site to behold at this point.

  • max - May 17, 2009

    You have an open invitation if I am in town. Simply call if you are coming to the New Orleans area. I am not important enough to be unlisted.

  • Gordon Newell - August 24, 2009

    Some of the Thurlow Lodge furniture (purchased by Max Foote, and seen in “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”) was also used in the movie “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.” I recognized the bed, nightstands, and shaving stand. There is also a fireplace mantel that looks like it matched the bedset in the Elvira movie.

  • Barbara Herter Straub - September 7, 2009

    Hi. Am just speechless about this furniture. I am a desendent of the herter family and just came across this on the interner. Did not know that they were into this furniture. It is just beautiful. My father was a brick layer and also my grandpa and great uncle. The Herter family was very hard working in their lives. I really enjoyed finding this . Thanks Barbarb

  • misslilybart - December 21, 2009

    The February 2010 issue of Victorian Homes magazine has an article about this sale. (We get our copy on an odd schedule, since we advertise in the magazine, so I’m not sure if it is on the newstands yet, but it should be out there shortly if it isn’t already.)

  • max - November 2, 2010

    We have had the maple chest conserved and it is breathtaking. The interesting aspect is that behind the painting on the crest in pencil was the inscription “Latham’s son’s chambers”.

  • joseph holahan - September 7, 2013

    You make mention of a kimble and cabus owl table in the 2009 auction. I can not seem to fing this table. Is it possible to send me a link?
    Thank you,

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