Rare Victorian - Truman & Tyler Bill Of Sale To Robert Knight

Truman & Tyler Bill Of Sale To Robert Knight

truman and tyler providence Truman & Tyler Bill Of Sale To Robert Knight

truman and tyler providence Truman & Tyler Bill Of Sale To Robert Knight

Truman & Tyler were furniture dealers “in Rich and Common Furniture, Feathers, Mattresses, Looking Glasses, and Housekeeping Articles, at Wholesale and Retail.”  They were located at 109 Westminster Street in Providence, RI.  According to the 1856 Rhode Island Register, a business directory, they were listed under “Furniture Dealers” as well as separately under “Furniture Manufacturers”.

Below I have an original 1852 Bill of Sale for furniture and household goods to Robert Knight.  I am presuming that this refers to the Providence, Rhode Island Robert Knight that lived during this time and was “the largest owner of cotton mills in the world” according to the New York Times at his death in 1912.

At the time of this bill of sale, he would have been 26 years old and was already sole owner of the cotton mill and bleachery that he had bought the year prior.  By 1898, he owned 22 spinning, weaving, and finishing establishments, including 500,000 spindles, 12,000 looms, and 6,500 employees.

Knight was also president of the National Bank of Commerce and the People’s Savings Bank of Providence and was a Director of the New York, Providence & Boston Railroad Company and of several insurance companies.

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