Rare Victorian - Old House Tours Launches!

Old House Tours Launches!

img 2030 Old House Tours Launches!

loch aerie porch Old House Tours Launches!

I have no free time but I had to do it. I’ve launched a new site dedicated to the appreciation of historic properties – Old House Tours. My aim is to capture old homes and buildings of all eras and share them with others that appreciate them as well.

The site is launching with a video and photo tour of Loch Aerie in high-definition and the next home, a Georgian Revival mansion, is already on the slate for the next tour.

Living where I do affords me infinite access to these old beauties and I will be knocking on doors to get invited in. I don’t intend to limit it to my immediate vicinity, so during my travels around the States I will be toting my cameras along.

if you want to share your photos and videos of your historic home or one that you have visited, please do so.  I’d like it to be a collaborative site.

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  • john hopper - April 4, 2009

    Just have to say a big thanks for the new site. I found the video tour of Loch Aerie fascinating but also poignant. I look forward to the next video tour.

  • RareVictorian - April 4, 2009

    Thanks John. Love your blog too. In fact this is a good reminder for me to visit it again.

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