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On February 2nd I published a post about a John Henry Belter work table and explain that by blogging about it I was imprinting it’s form in my brain.  February 7th I spot what I think is a larger version of the same table (might be same size – pictures are misleading).  Strange coincidence.  Why can’t I win the lottery instead?

The description of the table in my previous post includes a reference to a Maple interior as this one has in the top compartment instead of the bottom.  The stretcher looks the same.  The mirror is present.  The legs terminate in the same round shape.  The corners are rounded.  Both drawers have key escutcheons.  There is a thin trim piece separating each compartment on both tables.  I wish the top were down to compare to the other one as that would be telling as well.  I wonder if that is ripple wave moulding around the mirror?  The table on the right may be mahogany but can’t be for sure from the photo.  The documented Belter version (see Belter book) is Rosewood.

The front skirt is gone on this one and by the looks of it there indeed used to be one.  If it was there – this might have ended up in my meager Belter collection, assuming my attribution to have some basis.  It’s possible that this form is one common at the time across makers – maybe N.Y. makers.

No skirt means I won’t trek over to the auction to inspect and bid.  Or maybe I’ll just visit for a bit … wouldn’t hurt.

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  • misslilybart - February 7, 2009

    If they are the ‘same model’ worktable, then the one on the right is missing more than just a skirt… the carved ‘skirt’ on the other example is a drawer, per the auction listing. (No workbags on mid-19th c worktables, I guess…)

  • JOe Wiessinger - February 7, 2009

    The Belter book says that the little side table is a table that was “used” with a bed by Belter in a home furnished from the Belter shop> No where does it say it was made by Belter. So, I wonder, was it really made by Belter or just a nice side table that went with the bedroom set. ANy views on this>?

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