Rare Victorian - Not A Belter Work/Sewing Table

Not A Belter Work/Sewing Table

belter worktable Not A Belter Work/Sewing Table

belter worktable 213x300 Not A Belter Work/Sewing TableI received a note from Joan Bogart about the table that was profiled in a few previous posts. It was documented in the book, “The Furniture of John Henry Belter and the Rococo Revival” on page 83.

Joan feels that the table is not by Belter.  In scrutinizing the photo caption, it seems certain that the intent was to suggest that it was likely made by Belter: “this simple piece was used with a bed by Belter in a home furnished from the Belter shop“.

Joan has had several of these tables in mahogany and one Rosewood over the years and does not sell them as Belter.  Most importantly, by her recollection she has had one labeled “Fanning”.

So for those of you who own the “Belter book”, you may want to put  a little asterisk on page 83.

Thanks, Joan, for passing on your experiences and thoughts on this table.

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