Rare Victorian - Antique Purchasing Poll Results

Antique Purchasing Poll Results

antique purchasing trends Antique Purchasing Poll Results

antique purchasing trends Antique Purchasing Poll Results

It’s been almost two days since I put up the  poll on antique purchasing and the response distribution has stayed relatively the same since the early votes so I thought I’d share the results thus far. It seems that 50% of us are reducing our antique purchases somewhat (20%) or significantly (30%) at the current moment in time.  20% of respondents are buying at about the same rate as they have in the past and 30% are buying more than they have in the past.  Obviously, this is not a scientifically significant survey, but it provides a window into the current buying trends for Rare Victorian visitors.

Thanks to all who commented on that post.  I was amazed that some of you seem to have found prior sale records for the actual bedroom set that was pictured.  I’m always grateful for the interaction on this blog and the power of the information that we collectively can share.  All on a simple blog.

Feel free to vote on your purchasing status if you haven’t already done so as I will be keeping it open for a few weeks.

As a side observation, I hit a few of my antique haunts this past weekend and I could swear that I’m seeing more Victorian furniture in dealers’ inventories.  This was consistently the case across multiple multi-dealer locations.  Or maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I don’t think so.

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  • John Hutchinson - February 19, 2009

    John, I know it has been a non scientific study, but you could follow it up with or maybe you have already, the difference between collectors and dealers. Or should I assume the majority of your audience is collectors.
    I can tell you from the restorers perspective, low and mid range furniture is a dead market. Collectors and dealers are purchasing less, and having their current inventory or collection restored and conserved. However, that being said the high end market, for period antiques, still seems to be moving along. Fortunately for us, people still need their broken chairs mended. A chair is not worth anything, if you can’t sit in it.
    John, RVR

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