Rare Victorian - Photograph of George Hunzinger

Photograph of George Hunzinger

george hunzinger photo graph Photograph of George Hunzinger

george hunzinger photo graph 1 Photograph of George Hunzinger

I thought I’d share a photograph from a newspaper article on George Hunzinger that I received from RV regular Zeke. Thanks, Zeke.

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  • Emeriol - December 18, 2008

    Sweet. He actually looks pretty jovial for a guy who is getting his furniture designs ripped off. 😉

  • zeke - December 18, 2008

    Handsome fellow! he looks like if he could sit in his own chairs they must be pretty sturdy.

  • Cheryl - March 8, 2013


    My friend owns a rocker that we believe is one of GEORGE HUNZINGER works. How can we tell if it is one of his designs. We found no marking on the furniture. We’re there other furniture makers that produced the lolly pop spindles and connected them with bronz wire? Is there anyone who can repair a broken into spindle on the bottom of the rocker? How can we email you a picture of the rocker?

    • John Werry - March 26, 2013

      Send email/photos to info @ rarevictorian.com

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