Rare Victorian - Aesthetic Art Brass Plant Stands

Aesthetic Art Brass Plant Stands

bradley hubbard brass stand Aesthetic Art Brass Plant Stands

bradley hubbard brass stand Aesthetic Art Brass Plant StandsDuring the Aesthetic Movement of the late 19th century, brass, lighting and silverplate manufacturers produced “Art Brass” furnishings as an extension of their existing business for middle-to-upper class families.  They were composed primarily of Brass (copper/zinc) though some were of Bronze (copper/tin) or a combination of brass, copper and German silver, or plated alloys.

One of those Manufacturers was Bradley & Hubbard, who Magazine Antiques attributes the stand below to and believes it to be made between 1880 and 1885.  The ceramic tile on the top surface is made by Gien Faience factory and is marked “Japonais No 3” and “Gien”.  The tile markings confirm a common theme of these pieces at the time of incorporating Anglo-Japanese styles.  One can also see some modern gothic influences in the arches at the feet.

Rago just sold a brass jewelry cabinet in stand form and another brass stand during their recent sale, each fetching $3,000.  Winter Associates sold a stand similar to these, which appeared to be sans ceramic, for $1,200.bradley hubbard art brass stand Aesthetic Art Brass Plant Stands
The stand above is very similar in form to the “rocketship” design of the Bradley & Hubbard attributed stand at left.  The arched and extended flowers are missing as is the perforated brass work under the top.  It is currently priced at a paltry $411, but that shouldn’t last.  You can participate in the bidding or just view the rest of the images here.

A few months ago I was offered an opportunity to buy a pair of the stands seen below.  As a collector of all things Victorian (furniture), I want to have a good example of one of these stands in my collection at some point in the future, but the time was not right when they were offered to me.


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  • zeke - December 18, 2008

    I’ve always loved these tables and i wish I would have bought one when they were at least a little more affordable. I can’t help but wonder whether “The Brass Menagerie” hasn’t helped escalate the prices on these? Rocketship tables have skyrocketed in price!

    Victorian brass decorative objects, aesthetic or otherwise are plentiful and look great with Victorian furniture. We have a bunch of brass mirrors, inkwells, thermometers as well as Brass victorian lighting in every room. It might be nice if we could report more on this site about brass and other Victorian accessories that complement our wood furniture.

    By the way I cannot recommend the “Brass Menagerie” catalog high enough as an essential addition to all our libraries

    Here’s an interesting synopsis of the exhibition and catalog:


  • Donald Mitchell - December 19, 2008

    Wow, that ones a knockout! I love the quirkiness of the eastlake and asthetic styles and this one has it all.

  • Dave - November 25, 2009

    I Just found one and it has the gien tile top and round center floral.It has beetles on the top corners,snakes,on the legs,and paw feet.I saw a similar one on antiques road show and it appraised for 6-8k.I may have to sell it.

  • Antique Lover - January 29, 2010

    I have a customer who has one to sell. It looks exactly like the one that was featured on Antiques Roadshow and like the one Dave describes above. It is in very good condition for it’s age, although 3 of the 4 bugs in the top corners are missing. The tile top is there with GIEN marked on the bottom and the urn shaped porcelain is also there, but is is of a different pattern than the one shown. If you have any interest feel free to make a comment and we can try to hook up. Look under Antiques Roadshow online, search archives for Aesthetic Movement Plant Stand, ca. 1880 for viewing.

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