Rare Victorian - 20 Foot Clawfoot Table

20 Foot Clawfoot Table

20footclawfoottable 20 Foot Clawfoot Table

I thought that you might be interested in seeing a 20 foot clawfoot table that I captured from my camera phone in the Fry’s electronics store in Los Angeles.  The original marble top has been replaced with a modern glass surface and it appears to have been refinished. 😉

20footclawfoottable 20 Foot Clawfoot Table

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  • misslilybart - December 27, 2008

    Does the provenance include Philip Johnson’s “Chippendale Building”*? 😉

    * (AKA the AT&T Building/the Sony Building/550 Madison Avenue, NYC)

  • formulagal - December 27, 2008

    Hey, that store is just a few minutes away from my office… Welcome to L.A.!

  • RareVictorian - December 27, 2008

    I’m in Simi Valley in “The Oaks” or something like that.

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