Rare Victorian - I Thought Everyone Knew The Kenos?

I Thought Everyone Knew The Kenos?

keno brothes laura bush I Thought Everyone Knew The Kenos?

keno brothes laura bush I Thought Everyone Knew The Kenos?

I had to laugh when I saw this photo of Laura Bush with a caption stating that “Laura Bush speaks with an unidentified man”.  I’m surprised that they didn’t say speaking with an unidentified man  – and another unidentified man that looks just like him.  I guess these reporters aren’t Antiques Roadshow fans.

Laura Bush will be hosting a History Channel special on November 26th titled, “The White House: Behind Closed Doors”.  She’ll be providing viewers tours of various rooms and providing some history lessons on the White House along the way.

At first, Mrs. Bush voiced misgivings to her husband, telling him, “I’m not so wild about Victorian furniture,” but he was sold on it. “He said, ‘Oh, no, I want to have Grant’s furniture in my office!'”

I suspect that we may get some glimpses of some Victorian-era furniture during the program.

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  • zeke - November 25, 2008

    I saw Gary Sohmers at the Pier show last weekend and I knew in an instant who he was 🙂 I’m not sure if I’d recognize Laura bush in a crowd!

  • james conrad - November 26, 2008

    LOL, guesses the brothers dont cut much cake over at AP. Shouldnt it have read “unidentified men”?

  • woodright - November 27, 2008

    Yeah – I was wondering who that lady was pictured with the Keno brothers. woodwright

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