Rare Victorian - Stubby Finds a Home

Stubby Finds a Home

rennie belle stubby Stubby Finds a Home

rennie belle stubby 300x241 Stubby Finds a HomeAre there any independent film producers out there?  I have  a new movie title for you to produce, “Stubby Finds a Home”.  Probably more of a Disney flick than a Tom Cruise action flick.

The new owner of the cut-down Rococo table that I profiled on Rare Victorian while it was up for sale wrote to share a picture of the table’s new home.

Charles had to say this about the table:

The church-basement-piano-color finish is gone, Stubby has a fresh coating of shellac, and he’s settled down to a life of domestic bliss.

So Stubby is all cleaned up and has a new abode with Rococo and Ren Revi friends.  Note the Belter book on top of Stubby.

I DO feel better that although Stubby is cut-down, he has not found himself in a landfill somewhere.  Maybe some day he can get some prosthetic legs.  Thanks, Charles, for the update.

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  • james conrad - October 14, 2008

    LOL, well, stubby still has function, which is most likely the reason he lost his legs. Another thing stubby has going for him is that marble top.

  • Steve Sika - October 14, 2008

    I have been curios why great Victorian furniture was so much shorter to the ground than today’s standards……I have been told several reasons, i.e., “the Victorians were much smaller in size than today” or “Victorian wives couldn’t move bigger pieces to clean their homes”, yada, yada, yada. I would to open up a dialog about these opinions. However, KUDOS to you guys on Rare Victorian for following this story on Stubby! May He finally rest in piece…….Steve Sika, Dunedin, Florida

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