Rare Victorian - Pottier & Stymus Egyptian Revival Two-Piece Parlor Set

Pottier & Stymus Egyptian Revival Two-Piece Parlor Set

pottier stymus egyptian revival parlor set Pottier & Stymus Egyptian Revival Two Piece Parlor Set

pottier stymus egyptian revival parlor set Pottier & Stymus Egyptian Revival Two Piece Parlor Set
Fotaine’s has this two-piece Pottier & Stymus Egyptian Revival parlor set coming up for sale on October 18th. Of the P&S ER sets that were ever made, this is a more conservatively styled design without too much over-the-top Egyptian elements to either delight or shock visitors to your home.

As I mentioned in November of last year, I had always wanted an Egyptian Revival set and I recently had my opportunity in the form of a more elaborately designed 3-piece set by Pottier & Stymus.  The restoration is still pending…

The mounts on the set above are very similar to a set of P&S-signed mounts that I purchased along with my set, but which are extras.  These additional mounts were from another set from the same home from where my set originated but did not survive the furniture grim reaper.  I’m offering the extra (signed) mounts for sale in case someone collects them or would look to find a chair or sofa to restore.

Closeup of the mounts from the set at Fontaine’s:

pottier stymus egyptian revival mount Pottier & Stymus Egyptian Revival Two Piece Parlor Set
A similar chair can be seen on page 56 of the book, Styles of American Furniture 1860-1960 in black-and-white so I cannot properly compare the mounts.  If Vegas had a line on whether “P.S.” is stamped on the back of those mounts, I’d be putting my money down.  I’m sure an email to Fontaine’s to have them remove them to check, would succeed.

I hope this set surpasses the $800-$1,200 estimate that Fontaine’s put on this sale.  More at the listing.

Thanks to Scott for the heads up on this set.

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  • drew49 - October 15, 2008

    This is a really nice set that can only be appreciated by viewing the close-up photos. I like it, but I have to admit part of the joy of all Victorian furniture (for me) is its “over-the-top” shock value. Some discerning individual may get a good buy on this one.

  • lise bohm - October 15, 2008


    Do you have the book “The Sphinx and the Lotus”? You may enjoy reading it. It is an exhibit catalog that was published by the Hudson River Museum in 1990. In it you will find Egyptian Revival adverstisement, clocks, furniture influenced by the Egyptian design from 1865-1935. A parlor set similar to yours was in this exhibit (it is not pictured in the book).


  • RareVictorian - October 15, 2008

    I do not have that one Lise, but will put it on the wish list.

    Drew, I agree there is the possibility of a great deal on this particular set. For me, as you, I like the go-big-or-go-home Victorian. “go big” meaning not subtle.

  • james conrad - October 15, 2008

    Interesting, for whatever reason, this style of furniture is out of fashion and therefore offers collectors a really good buy opportunity. One never knows whats going to be “hot” tomorrow.

    Cowan’s had a late federal/classical period “Mummy” chest with 2 fully carved figures up for auction 6 months or so ago and it didnt sell. It now sits in the “peek in the warehouse” section unassigned.


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