Rare Victorian - Neal Auction Louisiana Purchase Sale, October 11th

Neal Auction Louisiana Purchase Sale, October 11th

allen and brother cabinet Neal Auction Louisiana Purchase Sale, October 11th

allen and brother cabinet Neal Auction Louisiana Purchase Sale, October 11th

Note to Neal Auction:  free advertising on Rare Vic for infinity if this cabinet finds it’s way to my front door.  Don’t worry, it’s a covered porch.  Like they would need to bribe me since I blog about their sales anyway.

Yes, I’m drooling over this fantastic Allen & Brother cabinet coming up at the Louisiana Purchase Sale on the 11th.  They have another sale chock full of big names: Meeks, Belter, Pottier & Stymus, Herter Brothers, Doe Hazelton.  Yes, Doe Hazelton as in the House of Representatives desk manufacturers.  The desk in this sale indeed bears their stencil and it is a fine example.  There’s even a solo effort by Gustave Herter (attributed) in this sale in the form of a chair frame.

I have questions about a few of the attributions as I have the tendency to do – the P&S table resembles Marcotte more so to me and the Belter Library Chair is very reminiscent of the Henkels/White chair that Neal recently sold.  The key differentiator appears to be – lamination.  The chair sold prior didn’t appear to be laminated while this one is indeed laminated.  That’s an interesting distinction and I see where they are going with that one.

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  • John Hutchinson - October 10, 2008

    John, Hello.
    I have a quick question, the copper panel on that cabinet in your blog, is that repousse. And also do you know more of the story of where this cabinet came from? I ask, because I did not work on this piece, but I did do work on the sister piece. The story told to me was that it was a series, of at least four, with each panel representing, either the four winds or seasons. Does this ring a bell? Just curious.
    John, RVR

  • RareVictorian - October 10, 2008

    listing says chased copper depicting Venus rising from a scallop shell with Cupid at her side, but I thought these were usually cast Bronze?

    Possibly by Emile Guillemin

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