Rare Victorian - Neal Auction Louisiana Purchase Sale, October 11th

Neal Auction Louisiana Purchase Sale, October 11th


Note to Neal Auction:  free advertising on Rare Vic for infinity if this cabinet finds it’s way to my front door.  Don’t worry, it’s a covered porch.  Like they would need to bribe me since I blog about their sales anyway.

Yes, I’m drooling over this fantastic Allen & Brother cabinet coming up at the Louisiana Purchase Sale on the 11th.  They have another sale chock full of big names: Meeks, Belter, Pottier & Stymus, Herter Brothers, Doe Hazelton.  Yes, Doe Hazelton as in the House of Representatives desk manufacturers.  The desk in this sale indeed bears their stencil and it is a fine example.  There’s even a solo effort by Gustave Herter (attributed) in this sale in the form of a chair frame.

I have questions about a few of the attributions as I have the tendency to do – the P&S table resembles Marcotte more so to me and the Belter Library Chair is very reminiscent of the Henkels/White chair that Neal recently sold.  The key differentiator appears to be – lamination.  The chair sold prior didn’t appear to be laminated while this one is indeed laminated.  That’s an interesting distinction and I see where they are going with that one.

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  • John Hutchinson - October 10, 2008

    John, Hello.
    I have a quick question, the copper panel on that cabinet in your blog, is that repousse. And also do you know more of the story of where this cabinet came from? I ask, because I did not work on this piece, but I did do work on the sister piece. The story told to me was that it was a series, of at least four, with each panel representing, either the four winds or seasons. Does this ring a bell? Just curious.
    John, RVR

  • RareVictorian - October 10, 2008

    listing says chased copper depicting Venus rising from a scallop shell with Cupid at her side, but I thought these were usually cast Bronze?

    Possibly by Emile Guillemin

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