Yesterday’s Fontaine Sale Encourages Me

by John Werry on September 28, 2008

I’m encouraged by some of the prices realized at the Fontaine sale yesterday.¬† Here’s a sampling of some of the healthy results:

  • Meeks Hawkins sofa – $10,000
  • “Pottier & Stymus” Aesthetic Sideboard – $12,000
  • Meeks¬† Rosewood Etagere – $50,000
  • Belter 3-piece Milwaukee parlor set – $21,000
  • Pierce-carved Belter slipper chair – $17,000 (expected $6-8k)
  • “R.J. Horner” Library Table$15,000 (interesting side-story)

Some of the items had some questionable attributions and the bidders affirmed that message with their bidding:

  • Pair of Herter Brothers twin bedsteads – $1,250 for the pair
  • Thomas Brooks marble-top table – $1,000

Some items did disappoint and Jelliff items were in that category:

  • John Jelliff triple-back sofa – $1,750 (we’ve seen it sell for $5,750)
  • Jelliff three-piece parlor set – $2,000

Following on my concern about some of the attributions, the basis of the Pottier & Stymus attribution for the sideboard was:

This piece has a 5 digit number on the back (10278) indicative of the work of Pottier & Stymus

I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine that P&S were the only makers that had 5-digit inventory numbers of the tens of thousands of shops in the world at the time.

Overall, however, I think the sale showed that the good stuff is still selling well (despite Wall Street tumult) and anything below that level is scraping by.

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james conrad September 28, 2008 at 12:20 pm

Yup, i agree the good stuff always sells well. As a recent article i read says, “sell high, sell low or go bust”.

The middle market ALWAYS takes it on the chin when a market turns down.


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