Rare Victorian - Yesterday’s Fontaine Sale Encourages Me

Yesterday’s Fontaine Sale Encourages Me

belter pierce carved chair Yesterdays Fontaine Sale Encourages Me

belter pierce carved chair 178x300 Yesterdays Fontaine Sale Encourages MeI’m encouraged by some of the prices realized at the Fontaine sale yesterday.  Here’s a sampling of some of the healthy results:

  • Meeks Hawkins sofa – $10,000
  • “Pottier & Stymus” Aesthetic Sideboard – $12,000
  • Meeks  Rosewood Etagere – $50,000
  • Belter 3-piece Milwaukee parlor set – $21,000
  • Pierce-carved Belter slipper chair – $17,000 (expected $6-8k)
  • “R.J. Horner” Library Table$15,000 (interesting side-story)

Some of the items had some questionable attributions and the bidders affirmed that message with their bidding:

  • Pair of Herter Brothers twin bedsteads – $1,250 for the pair
  • Thomas Brooks marble-top table – $1,000

Some items did disappoint and Jelliff items were in that category:

  • John Jelliff triple-back sofa – $1,750 (we’ve seen it sell for $5,750)
  • Jelliff three-piece parlor set – $2,000

Following on my concern about some of the attributions, the basis of the Pottier & Stymus attribution for the sideboard was:

This piece has a 5 digit number on the back (10278) indicative of the work of Pottier & Stymus

I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine that P&S were the only makers that had 5-digit inventory numbers of the tens of thousands of shops in the world at the time.

Overall, however, I think the sale showed that the good stuff is still selling well (despite Wall Street tumult) and anything below that level is scraping by.

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  • james conrad - September 28, 2008

    Yup, i agree the good stuff always sells well. As a recent article i read says, “sell high, sell low or go bust”.

    The middle market ALWAYS takes it on the chin when a market turns down.

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