Rosewood Rococo Revival Sofa With Carved Bird’s Nest

by John Werry on September 14, 2008

I have a friend who can’t pass up taking in needy animals (strays) which I can sympathize with and admire.  I think she has about 11 cats by now?  My mother has a more modest group of 3 stray cats in residence.

I have a similar problem – I can’t pass up taking in needy, but quality, Victorian furniture (in today’s market, all Victorian is needy).  I now have 5 6 antique sofas in my home.  Good thing furniture doesn’t eat, incur vet bills and use kitty litter.

So, I am now the owner of the bird’s nest sofa mentioned in the prior post.  I’ve taken some more photos to refer to when I’m researching it’s origin and welcome other thoughts on where to hunt for closure on whether it could be made by Alexander Roux.  I’d like to find a real sofa like the one in the drawing from the Crystal Palace Exhibition.  That would provide a great source of carvings to compare.

Photos below.
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Rebecca C. Shatto October 19, 2011 at 11:59 am

Can you immagine my surprise when perusing the net this AM, I saw a photo of our family’s Victorian rosewood rococc0 carved bird settee? The major difference is that ours is laminated rosewood which would illeminate Alexander Roux’s being the carver as my reading has led me to believe that he did not laminate. The photo that cought my attention was posted 14 Sept. 2008, by John Werry.


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