Rare Victorian - Rare Victorian “Special Finds” Changes

Rare Victorian “Special Finds” Changes

kilian brothers pedestal1 Rare Victorian Special Finds Changes

kilian brothers pedestal1 Rare Victorian Special Finds ChangesI’ve been offering an ancillary service here on Rare Victorian called “Special Finds”.  With it, I try to highlight pieces that may be lost in Ebay-land, either mis-priced, mis-identified, mis-categorized, or just plain lost amongst the tens of thousands of Victorian furniture items on Ebay where discriminating buyers won’t find them.

Even if you aren’t in buying mode, the service can be another avenue to follow along as I try to dig deep and identify pieces for what they truly are and who made them.

I provide this limited service as a paid subscription so as to limit the eyeballs on these items because in some cases I’m actively considering being a buyer and I don’t want to have 12,000 co-bidders.  The fee is a reasonable $20 every 3 months or about two Starbucks coffees a month.

Here are the recent big changes from when it was first launched:

  • First month is free! I thought I’d provide encouragement for you to try it out without putting up cold cash up front.  You will enter payment information but it won’t be charged until the first month is over.  You can cancel the service before your first payment if you are not satisfied.
  • Newsletter format – The Special Finds are now delivered to your email inbox – no need to navigate to RareVictorian.com to a special page and put in a password.  No more logins for Special Finds.
  • Signup is simplified – One click of a button gets you to the subscription page

I have the next Special Find identified and it is a Rosewood piece that generally retails for 3x-6x what the current price is.  The seller is unaware of what this piece’s history is usually attributed to as there was no famous maker name supplied with the listing, so it is lost in the ether of Ebay.  But, I have spotted it, and will share it in a few days with Special Finds subscribers.

Note: If you sign up, please be sure to read the verification email instructions that you will receive.  You need to verify your email address before Special Finds will start flowing to your Inbox.

Read more details and sign up here.

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