Rare Victorian - Fine Aesthetic Movement Side Chair

Fine Aesthetic Movement Side Chair

aesthetic movement side chair Fine Aesthetic Movement Side Chair

aesthetic movement side chair Fine Aesthetic Movement Side ChairI’m a big fan of all styles and eras of Victorian furniture and my interests even leak into the immediately preceding and following eras.

Not wanting this site to be all about Renaissance Revival and Rococo, I’m always on the lookout for nice pieces in any Victorian style.  It’s just that there are more examples of the former, and less Aesthetic, Egyptian Revival, etc., floating around in the marketplace – that are of mentionable quality.

Misslilybart, in the forum, spotted this chair coming up at the 9/7 Brunk auction and had this to say about it:

It appears to be identical to one at the High Museum (see Art & Enterprise: American Decorative Art, 1825-1917 The Virginia Carroll Crawford Collection, page 265, Plate 146). The High catalog does not make any attribution beyond “Probably New York,” but they do note that it is comparable to work executed for the William H. Vanderbilt House by Herter Brothers (these chairs, in particular), and that the mixed-media marquetry is similar to that of known pieces by Herts Brothers.

She is correct.  There is also a photo of an identical chair (except fabric) in the Big Book of Antique Furniture.  The chair was apparently Joan Bogart’s and is described as being of Chestnut, Mahogany, and Brass composition.  The funny thing is that they say, “Dealer estimate: $7,000-$12,000 (or you might find one in an ordinary “antiques-junk” shop for $300!)”.  Well, Brunk is far from junk, but they have a pre-auction estimate of $200-$400.  I expect it to blow through that price range.  More at the listing.
anglo japanese style desk Fine Aesthetic Movement Side Chair
While we’re on the topic of Aesthetic Movement pieces, there is another piece straight from the pages of my reference books coming up for sale. This is an ebonized Anglo-Japanese (or Japanesque) desk with marquetry and incised bamboo decorated drawer panels.

You can find this desk in the “Styles of American Furniture 1860-1960” book on page 106.  More at the listing.

Thanks to Misslilybart for sharing her chair find with us.

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  • bobby - September 2, 2008

    Looks like a nice desk but I think it is lacking the crest.


  • RareVictorian - September 2, 2008

    Bingo Bobby. Very true – the crest can be seen in the book mentioned.

  • james conrad - September 2, 2008

    I would note that if you bid directly with Brunk the buyers premium is 15% whereas if you bid through ebay, it’s 20%.

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