Rare Victorian - Superb Renaissance Revival Bed Needs Some Work

Superb Renaissance Revival Bed Needs Some Work

82e9 0 Superb Renaissance Revival Bed Needs Some Work

82e9 1 Superb Renaissance Revival Bed Needs Some Work

This bedstead on Ebay will be sold by the time some of you read this but I thought I’d mention it due to the quality of the piece.  It is a Renaissance Revival bed with 101″ height and 75″ length and not quite Queen width at 57 1/2″ mattress width.

You can find it’s twin on page 74 of Styles of American Furniture 1860-1960, though unfortunately there is no maker information provided.  One item of interest is that the book states that the bed is made of Rosewood, while this seller is advertising theirs as Walnut.  There’s a chance one or the other has misidentified the composition, or possibly the maker provided an array of wood options.

If you are one of the 5 competing bidders, I think you can’t go wrong with this bed as a quality piece, but one should be aware of the condition problems and work that will need to be done.  The photos are numerous, but lack proper lighting and size to expose all the needed fixes.  The description does not inventory the detail of all of the flaws, “SOME OF THE MOULDING AND GINGERBREAD IS MISSING”, so one has to study the images carefully.

It’s always humorous to see a seller get huffy with potential buyers “for the ones out there that dont read the description and cant figure it out …“.  In this case they added this comment to clarify the measurements that they had originally provided, 101″  X  61″  X  37 1/2″  X  75″  X  57 1/2”. Would you know from that list of unqualified (H x W x D) numbers as to which represented the mattress size?  One would not want to assume, so they would ask.

The footboard is missing a few pieces of the applied surface ornamentation.  The center carving seems to have fallen off as well as part of the vine and the left flower.  These can be reproduced be a proper restoration (at an appropriate cost), but the photo for the footboard on the listing does not highlight these faults unless you lighten the image as I have done below:

footboard Superb Renaissance Revival Bed Needs Some Work

Other issues are that the left footboard post, at a minimum, is missing a fair amount of finish.  The center board of the headboard is split from top to bottom.  They mention that moulding is missing, but I still am unable to find where – so I don’t know what will need to be done to correct it.

I would not be surprised, at all, to see this end up for sale by a dealer in a month or so with a Thomas Brooks attribution.  He is known for meaty pieces, wooden knob decoration as is present on the siderails of this bed, and for producing carved heads on the headboard.  He also will incorporate a broken pediment design on the headboard.  All of these features can be seen in a labeled bed on page 60 of the aforementioned book.

I think it’s a great bed and whoever gets it will have made a wise choice.  Properly restoring it will bring this bed back to it’s full glory.  More at the listing.

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