Rare Victorian - Herter Brothers Eye Candy

Herter Brothers Eye Candy

hertertable Herter Brothers Eye Candy

I thought I’d share two photos of Herter Brothers pieces from my recent Philadelphia Museum of Art trip. You’ll have to excuse the photography as it was with a camera that was foreign to me and since the Herters’ pieces were behind glass, I think it created some challenges for the auto-focus.

The first photo shows a Herter Brothers half-tester bed and a side-char.

herterbedchair Herter Brothers Eye Candy

The next photo shows an inlaid table attributed to Herter Brothers.  You can see the bottom left corner of what is a large wall mirror that I should have photographed, but the camera was running out of juice.

hertertable Herter Brothers Eye Candy

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  • james conrad - August 9, 2008

    mmmmmm, eye candy indeed. Herter is my fav cabinetmaker of the victorian era, i just love their stuff. Flawless workmanship.

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